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Evaluation report and research

Developing childcare in schools    An evaluation of Family Action’s Childcare in Schools project (2013–15) and recommendations for schools across England (Duncan Lugton, Family and Childcare Trust, 2015)

Childcare in schools for 2–4 year olds in Wigan and Bolton  This report by Duncan Lugton, Family and Childcare Trust, emphasises the early education offers and the experience of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).


Dismantling the Barriers: Videos

childrenPlease note that this page was created as part of Family Action's 2013-15 project 'Childcare in Schools'.

Dismantling the Barriers: overcoming challenges to setting up school-based childcare 

The Dismantling the Barriers guide provides guidance for schools and other childcare providers on how to develop affordable and flexible childcare provision on a school site. The guide shows how selected schools, supported by Family Action’s Childcare in Schools team have overcome challenges to setting up school-based childcare provision, and highlights the positive impact that wraparound childcare provision is having – both by supporting families and enabling parents to access work and training, and on the schools themselves.

The Dismantling the Barriers Guide - Introduction (PDF) - updated March 2016 

  1. Choosing a model (PDF)  - updated March 2016
  2. Affordability (PDF) - updated March 2016
  3. Flexibility (PDF) - updated March 2016  
  4. Transport (PDF) - updated March 2016  
  5. Marketing (PDF) - updated March 2016  
  6. Administration (PDF) - updated March 2016  
  7. Access to premises (PDF) - updated March 2016  
  8. Staffing (PDF) - updated March 2016 

Dismantling the Barriers Guide - Conclusion (PDF) - updated March 2016 

Other issues to consider

  1. Auditing needs (PDF) - updated March 2016
  2. Freedom of Information Act (FOI) as an auditing tool (PDF) - updated March 2016
  3. Setting up a steering group (PDF) - updated March 2016
  4. Funding (PDF) - updated March 2016
  5. Developing a business plan (PDF) - updated March 2016
  6. Policies (PDF) - updated March 2016
  7. Commissioning an external provider (PDF) - updated March 2016
  8. Communicating and engaging with parents (PDF) - updated March 2016
  9. Monitor your marketing strategy (PDF) - updated March 2016

Case studies

Dismantling the Barriers - case studies    These case studies chart the experience of schools in the North West and in London that were supported by Family Action's Childcare in Schools team to remove their particular barriers to setting up full-year, school-based childcare and holiday provision on their school sites.