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Case studies

Wraparound childcare case studies

Case studies from Family Action's 2013-15 Childcare in Schools project show how schools are providing childcare and holiday activities for older children. Some of these show how the childcare providers are striving to promote inclusion within their settings, such as: Church Hill Nursery School (Walthamstow) and Hart Hill Nursery School and Children's Centre (Luton).

child playingCASE STUDY EXAMPLES: Below are some examples of how school-based childcare providers are developing inclusion in their settings for young children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Case studies from childcare settings

These settings share their experiences of developing more inclusive childcare practices:

  1. Gill Blowers Nursery and Children's Centre in Luton offers a wide range of tips for developing inclusive childcare practices.
  2. Streetsbrook Childcare in Solihull explains how they engage parents/carers, ease transition and provide inclusion training for staff.
  3. Weddington Pre-School in Warwickshire shares some suggestions for engaging with parents/carers of children who have SEND.
  4. Funfishers Out of School Club and Pre-School in York offers tips for communicating with children and families.
  5. Honey Bear Day Care in Leigh demonstrates how they have been using visual signs with young children and supporting parents/carers.
  6. Kim Smith, a childminder from East Sussex, tells how she is working to develop an inclusive childcare environment for children with SEND.
  7. Challengers in Surrey shares their experiences of offering inclusive play schemes.
  8. St Bede C of E Academy in Bolton tells how peer support has helped to develop inclusion in their settings.
  9. Bedworth Heath Nursery School and Early Years Teaching Centre in Warwickshire explains how staff have overcome a range of challenges (eg working across a federation, funding, training).
  10. Pen Green Children's Centre and Nursery in Corby gives tips for engaging with parents and carers.
  11. Glaisdale Playgroup in North Yorkshire tells how they are working to develop an inclusive childcare setting for children with SEND.
  12. Osmotherley Pre-School in North Yorkshire offers tips for developing inclusive practices.
  13. Alderman's Green Community Primary School in Coventry gives tips for supporting children with SEND, particularly those with autism and communication difficulties.
  14. Debbie Hemsley, a childminder from Birmingham, tells how she is working to develop an inclusive childcare setting for young children with SEND.

English as an additional language (EAL)

Equipment and furniture

  • You can read how settings have developed a more inclusive environment through purchasing and evaluating new equipment and furniture.

Inclusive activities

  • Other settings that have piloted new activities (eg gardening, healthy eating) share their experiences of making activities inclusive for children with SEND and of engaging with parents/carers.

Case studies from parents/carers

Case studies from our target settings

  • Read how the childcare providers supported by the Childcare in Schools team have been developing inclusive practices within their setting.